Muscle building or growth promoting hormone supplements available today are a huge bet and a positive one too!

Insulin growth factor -1 or IGF-1 is a growth promoting hormone secreted by liver cells and essential for many formative (cell, muscle, tissue and bone) functions for human body. Its secretion and function in the body sees a peak and lager during childhood and old age respectively.

With definite role in boosting cell growth, muscle mass, bone strength, sexual development, nerve repair, muscle growth and regeneration, fat utilization and protein synthesis, IGF-1 hold high importance when talk of growth promoting hormones.

Many conditions might cause lack of activity or insufficient secretion of this hormone in the body like aging, excessive stress, insufficient, diet, illness (causing lack of production of the hormone or insensitivity of receptors) or any other situation where extraneous addition of IGF-1 becomes necessary to keep up healthy and desired functioning of the body. This group of muscle Body Building Supplements find use not only for bodybuilders and athletes but patients of medical conditions where action of growth hormones is compromised or in cases of severe accidents, injuries or surgeries where recovery asks for more enhanced effect of growth hormones.

Select your supplement intelligently!

Some drug manufacturers these days have been using latest and innovative peptide development technologies to come up with synthetic supplements of IGF-1 or growth hormones. These supplements are known to be safe options to imitate role of growth hormones inside the body.

Though many variants are available each one comes with specific dosage and application instructions which when followed alongside proper guidance of certified trainers and doctors can give you best and long lasting effects. Unlike steroid supplements growth hormone imitating products are safer bet and promise better results which are permanent.